Wet Excavation Pits

During the construction of parking garages, overflow basins, bicycle tunnels and underpasses, directional drilling or tunnel drilling can sometimes necessitate wet underwater excavation. In fulfilling such demanding projects a great deal of diving work is often involved.

Following initial inspection, these efforts can involve the cleaning of sheet piling /concrete deep walls, installing poles or anchors, mud sucking, placing lift containers or storage tanks, making compartmental screens, repairing of failed seams in the sheetpile wall, welding studs and concreting the underwater concrete floor.

C.O.W. Diving Company bv performs all its works with the utmost consideration for safety and efficiency to obtain professional end results.

Underwater Concrete Reinforcement

The use of reinforcing structures to strengthen underwater concrete flooring has long been recognized as a best practice.

In recent years, we have begun to see this process in even greater use worldwide, and C.O.W. Diving Company bv has been at the forefront of the industry. Some of our larger underwater concrete reinforcement projects in recent years have included:

ROC Leiden VSB, Shelphoek in Alkmaar for the BAM, and Le Carrefour Leiden VSB.

With the right people on board, and using precisely calculated work processes, these construction efforts can be carried out relatively quickly, and the savings in both time and money can be considerable.

Underwater Concrete Repair

When it comes to implementing underwater concrete repair projects, we have all the necessary personnel, knowledge and expertise in-house.
Damage to quay walls or lock walls are professionally repaired.
Thanks to our years of experience and rigorously formulated work procedures, we can guarantee quality results in both fresh and salt-water environments.

Underwater Concrete Pouring and Installation

C.O.W. Diving Company bv specializes in the installation of underwater concrete flooring.
Cofferdam floors can be poured, ranging in area from 25 m3 to 12,000 m3. Inclining partitions are fully within our capabilities, encompassing a slope of up to 7 degrees.

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